Our Team

Krista Pippy - Kitchen Design and Sales

Krista Pippy is a passionate and accomplished kitchen design and sales expert with over two decades of experience. For 22 years, she has poured her heart and soul into creating custom cabinets that transform spaces into functional and beautiful kitchens.

In 2019, Krista’s passion for helping others achieve their perfect kitchen led her to write the book, “Beyond Design Complete Kitchens.” With enthusiasm and warmth, she shares her expert advice and practical guidelines, empowering homeowners to create a kitchen that truly reflects their personality and serves as the heart of their home.

Throughout her journey, Krista’s dedication to excellence and outstanding customer service have earned her the admiration and trust of countless clients. Her work goes beyond just designing spaces—it’s about creating lasting memories and experiences for those who call these kitchens their own.


Reane Ashford - Kitchen Design and Sales

Reane joined the Clean Cut Kitchens team in April of 2022. She has a Diploma in Interior Decorating from Academy Canada and is currently completing a Bachelor of Interior Design degree from Yorkville University. She also holds the position of Interior Decorator with The Paint Shop. Her expert advice has become an invaluable tool for her customers!
When Reane is not working on cabinet designs, she can be found hiking or shopping at Winners.